Covid-19 Information

We Are Observing CDC / Public Health Recommendations By:

Social Distancing

Please keep a 6ft distance from other people.

1 Person at a Time in GrowActive Solutions

You may be asked to wait outside while we finish up with someone else.

Disinfecting Measures

We are cleaning and disinfecting thoroughly, PLEASE limit the items you touch.

Self Quarantine

If you are experiencing ANY symptoms, DO NOT ENTER!!

Call Us, and We Will Figure Out a Way to Get You What You Need.

*To all of Our Customers and Community in these Uncertain Times, We Want to Make Sure Everyone is Safe and Has the Supplies They Need.  If You Would Like Curbside Pick Up or Shipping, Call Us and We Can Work Together to Figure Out a Solution.*

Thank You for all your support

GrowActive Solutions

Please Call Us With Your Questions Or Concerns at:   1-314-899-0179